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Pinot noir


Pinot meunier

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Premier cru

A few still-lively bubbles and fine foam perform a ballet against a golden yellow backdrop.

An array of aromas blends to form a broad bouquet, initially with notes of butter, candied fruit and wild berries developing into notes of honey and quince paste.

This cuvée is characterised by considerable richness with a heady, expressive finish.

Dosage 6 g/l

Ageing 4 years

Drinking temperature between 8°C and 10 °C


With pan-seared foie gras, duck breast and mash or a porcini mushroom risotto

Ideal with cumin Gouda cheese

2018 - Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards – Or

2018 - Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards – Or

2017 - Japan Wine Challenge - Platine

2017 - Japan Wine Challenge - Platine