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Shining light on Tzarina Cuvée (Limited Edition)

A precise, exceptional cuvée, in a glass case that is just as exceptional, alternating polished and clear volutes. This is how the Tzarina Cuvée could be described in a few words.

This cuvée has a brilliant golden robe with emerald hints and is an assembly of 58% Chardonnay, 26% Pinot Noir and 16% Meunier. It benefits from ageing for more than 5 years in our cellars.

The nose is rich and opens onto notes of candied orange and baked apples with a touch of honey and a few touches of spice and dried fruit.

It is deliciously full on the palate, structured around apricot and lemon aromas, while the finish is long and generous with a very fine minerality.

For the end-of-year festivities, the Tzarina cuvée is offered in a LUX lit edition…. This limited edition enhances both the wine and bottle for a unique moment while tasting it.

24 December 2020